No, Donald Trump is not good for comedy: Editorial for the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Let’s make Thanksgiving a Safe Space: column for the Cincinnati Enquirer

The Funniest Part of my Daughter’s Kidney surgery: TheDad.com

ESPN.com. Ultimate Fighter
A front-page “Must Read” feature for ESPN.com on Memorial Day on the most talented boxer to give his life in Vietnam.

ESPN.com: America’s first professional Tailgater
A feature on the Commissioner of Tailgating, the only man who makes his living eating in parking lots.

ESPN.com. Veterans fight for a cause at UFC show

Bruno’s training was interrupted his first week in the Persian Gulf when the pilot of the helicopter he was on lost control and crashed.

“I saw my life flash before me in a newspaper article. I remember trying to escape the helicopter as it was sinking; I just started swimming toward the light,” said Bruno, who suffered a broken leg in the crash. “When I got to the surface, I started checking to see if I could wiggle my toes and checked to see if my teeth were there, and then said, ‘Thank God I could still fight.'”

Baltimore Sun. All Eyes on Franklin for UFC 77

A feature on UFC middleweight Rich Franklin before his homecoming in a title fight against Anderson Silva.

ESPN.com Page 2. Superstition ain’t the way?

A piece on college football superstitions and how important it is that Joe Morand wears his socks inside-out when Notre Dame plays.

ESPN.com Page 2: Channeling the Great Bambino

The first interview with Babe Ruth in more than 50 years, conducted through a professional medium.

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